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Hassle Free Vat Registration And Vat Returns

For you to be tax registered, you need to apply to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Upon approval of registration, you will receive a VAT registration number and certificate from HMRC with applications for registration being available online or by sending papers through the post.

The right accountants to assist and provide excellent advice, efficient, proactive and premium class service come in handy to assist your company in the many business aspects that are tax related.

381 accountancy and bookkeeping services handles a wide range of issues on your behalf such as tax reports, VAT returns and tax investigations all with an aim of easing the difficulties that you as a business owner or as an individual goes through. We also aim to help you ease your tax burden and reduce risks of penalties for non-compliance or failure to register your business.

Why Apply Online For Vat Registration

Online registration for VAT is more secure, faster since it takes less time to fill in and there are no postal delays, instant and easier as there is on screen help to guide you through the process.
By applying for online registration, you get to be automatically enrolled where you can submit your returns online with the possibility of other functions such as changing business details.

We at 381 accountancy and bookkeeping will complete and handle all your VAT registration for your business be it a partnership, group of companies, division or joint ventures. By offering to do this for you, we allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business that requires greater amount of your energy and focus.

It is worth noting that in some special circumstances one needs to register for VAT manually or you can seek an exception. To do this, you will need to write a letter explaining why you seek an exception while providing evidence of your taxable supplies will not exceed deregistration threshold for 12 months.

Other VAT related areas where we can assist is by transmitting your VAT returns for you. We strongly advice that you have your revenue and expenditure kept up to date as VAT returns are filed quarterly. With our online accounting software, we not only work out how much you should pay or claim back but also how much profit you’ve made.

We offer you free consultation with one of our proactive accountants that is hassle free if you decide not to work with us, try us, and book an appointment.

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